House System

All students and staff are in one of four houses. Within each house there is a distribution of students from Year 1 to Year 8.
Each house also has two Year 8 house leaders. These house leaders help to organise house events and are on the Student Council and the school PB4L team.

The Houses

The houses are Fox, Cook, Peel and Hutt. They are named after local mountains. Each house has an associated colour.

Fox (Fox Peak – Otupaka) Green

Cook (Mount Cook – Aoraki) Blue

Peel (Mount Peel – Tarahaoa) Yellow

Hutt (Mount Hutt – Opuke) Red

Students are encouraged to wear a house coloured t-shirt during events such as the duathlon, cross-country and tug-o-war. School house t-shirts can be purchased from the school uniform shop.


The Points System

Each class has a house points system. Students earn points for their house for displaying Wai Learner attributes, mastering a new skill, or persevering with a challenging activity.

House points are also awarded for sporting, cultural and house events. Each fortnight the house points across the school are totaled and announced at the team hui.

The house system is an integrated part of our Wai Learner and PB4L system.