Positive Behaviour for Learning. Wai Learners are motivated, curious, reflective, respectful and team players. These are the attributes we want our students to continue to develop over their time at Waimataitai School.

PB4L Goals

Our goal is to assist them to become happy, successful citizens. The whole school uses the same terminology, rewards and behaviour management systems.

Across the school we teach and reinforce the desired behaviours. Students are rewarded for displaying the Wai Learner attributes. These rewards include verbal praise, stickers, house points, gold slips, certificates, a choice of alternative activities, Wai Learner wristbands and other prizes.

Gold Slips

Gold slips are awarded to students when they display the Wai Learner attributes. For example, a student may receive a Curious Gold Slip for asking great questions. When a student has collected all 5 different gold slips they post their gold slip set into Mr Young's mailbox. Their house is awarded 50 house points. After collecting multiple sets of gold slips students earn additional rewards.