Cultural Programmes & Facilities

We have a range of opportunities for students to participate in outside the formal classroom programme. These additional opportunities can change from term to term dependent on the interest levels of students and staff availability.

Kapa Haka

Students from all levels of the school have the opportunity to participate in regular Kapa Haka sessions.  All students also take part in weekly kappa haka sessions.

The highlight each year is the FLAVA festival where all Kapa Haka groups in South Canterbury compete.


We have a Pasifika group where students are able to learn about Pasifika cultures, songs, and dances. This is for children at any level across the school.

Brass Band

Year 4 – 8 students who are interested in learning to play a brass instrument have the opportunity to participate in the school band. Learning to play an instrument is only one part of being in the band, they also learn how to perform in a group.

Education Outside the Classroom

This is an important aspect of the curriculum and includes camps, sport, music, visits and educational programmes.

Perceptual Motor Programme - PMP

All Year 1 and Year 2 students have a regular 30 minute session of the Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP). This fabulous programme develops students' motor skills, enhancing their academic success in the classroom.  Once students can perform motor tasks with ease, classroom learning and thinking tasks become much easier. The PMP programme is a holistic programme which looks at the whole development of the child, incorporating language development, fitness, movement patterns, spatial awareness and hand-eye co-ordination.