BYOD Bring Your Own Device

Our school will continue to provide a strong fibre backbone, switches, servers and wireless network suitable to the needs
of our learners and curriculum.

Our BYOD Policy

  • We are not going to insist that a student has to bring their own device to school, this is a family choice
  • No child will be disadvantaged as we will still provide sufficient access at school for all students  to access what they require, it may simply mean they need to wait
  • The increased use of mobile devices does NOT mean that the importance of literacy and numeracy diminishes.  Devices can provide further motivation for students to engage in their learning.
  • eLearning technology can encourage children to think in different ways and provides further motivation to learn.

Access to the school network is restricted to school time and there are a number of security measures in place.


Acceptable Use Agreement

The Practicalities – How this will work

  1. Parents, students and school sign the agreement
  2. Student brings their device to the technician on a Friday
  3. Each device has its own smart password set up at school.  (this allows for monitoring of use and identifying any issues)
  4. Students are only able to access the wireless network from 9am until 12pm, then 12.40 until 3pm. 

Devices are not permitted out of class during breaks.

  1. Classes have agreed to where the devices will be secured during break times.